We Made A Video!!


And the moment of truth finally arrives! WE MADE A VIDEO 😀

With our conflicting schedules and personalities, we managed to film and edit a video. Over the course of about 4 days, we finished this masterpiece and we couldn’t be happier.

Thank you to Patrick Phan who let us use the tutoring place, Miss Tammy and Mrs. Tran for helping us with the kids, and Ashley Le for helping us document photos.

Most of all, thank you very much to the kids, to whom we couldn’t accomplish this feat. We enjoyed our time with you guys and hope we left you inspired to create and change the world around you.

~The Think-It Theatre

The Think-It Theatre


We are the Think-It Theatre, a group of 6 high school students trying to create change in our society using innovation. Our project is to visit elementary schools and inspire them to create stories, drawings, and  other pieces of art. Our purpose is to encourage creativity in children.